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Whilst Essex is home to approximately 90,000 registered businesses*, sometimes leading a business can be a lonely space. Since 2010, the BEST Growth Hub’s offering has centred around creating a trusted network for businesses to be supported at any stage of their journey. We do this by integrating national and local business support, so it is easier for businesses to access the help and advice they need to start, survive, grow and thrive. We can help you with professional business advice, grant funding opportunities, training, events and much more.
*According to the Office of National Statistics 2020


Having a business idea is not the same as having a plan. How will you know if your concept is a good one? If you are planning to start a business, what will you need to do before you launch? What about legal requirements, marketing, employment or market research?

Maybe you have an established business, and you need to develop a plan for a specific stage of your journey – like finding office space, innovating with new products or creating a new website?

Our business advisors combine years of practical experience across all aspects of business planning. Many of them have owned and operated their own businesses.


There are more ways to grow a business than simply by increasing sales. Strategic growth can result in increased profitability that comes from activities like optimising a workforce, reducing operating costs, finding investors, accessing finance, developing the customer base, adaptation, pivoting, importing, exporting, creating apprenticeships, as well as finding new routes to market.

If you are thinking about business growth, then let us show you what’s available, so that we can help you put your plans into action.


Leading, owning or managing a business is not always plain sailing. Obstacles and issues will inevitably crop up somewhere along the way. The ability to solve problems and operate a business that is resilient as well as sustainable may need both strategic guidance as well as practical support.

The BEST Growth Hub’s network encompasses a team of problem solvers as well as access to practical solutions like funding, finance, training, skills-building, regulation and licensing.


In 2020 the world changed. The global pandemic had a widespread impact on all of our lives, notwithstanding the way we do business. Adding events into the mix like EU transition, rising unemployment, the decline of the retail and hospitality sectors together with other economic pressures, means that businesses inevitably have to adapt in order to survive. But being in business can be lonely, right? Finding ways to adapt and pivot often requires major strategic shifts, at a time when most business leaders are 100% focussed on simply ‘keeping the lights on’.

The BEST Growth Hub has an exclusive Business Assessment & Adaptation Programme, including a proprietary Pivoting Assessment Tool, which can help you determine a pivoting and adaptation strategy for your business. Combined with the services of our Senior Business Adaptation Advisor, the BEST Growth Hub can support you and your business through changing and challenging times.

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The county of Essex has an economy that thrives on entrepreneurship and innovation. Essex’s entrepreneurs are ingenious and driven. At the BEST Growth Hub, we strive to ensure that our offering is exciting, inspiring and fit for purpose.

First and foremost, the support that we offer is multi-dimensional, this means that we can ensure it is consistently evolving to be relevant to issues that affect our clients like:

  • the economic climate
  • industry developments
  • new and changing regulations
  • growth and pivoting opportunities
  • sociological events
  • technology trends
  • environmental issues

Being committed to innovation and having a skilled and experienced team, means that we can introduce ground-breaking ways to support our clients. For example, in 2021:

  • We launched the first ever virtual business festival for Essex. ExSE is delivered on a ground-braking virtual platform to showcase Essex businesses to the world (
  • We launched a proprietary Pivoting Assessment Tool, which diagnoses and prescribes strategic and tactical opportunities for a business to adapt to a changing environment (such as the global pandemic).
  • We developed an exclusive business support programme named EUTAS, to help Essex businesses with EU transition.
  • We created a brand-new business awards programme that is focussed on innovation. NOVO is an annual competition to reward businesses that are bold, brave and ambitious (
  • We developed a valuable business network, called Peer Networks, with a number of cohorts each consisting of eligible Essex SMEs.

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