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Your business is unique. Our support is bespoke. The following case studies give an overview of what can be achieved with the right kind of support. Thank you to our clients for their video contributions. We are proud of what they have achieved and excited for their futures.

With the right kind of support, Essex really is a great place to do business, and here’s why…..



Abby Brockwell of The Big Bead Cider Mill Ltd appreciates the proactive outreach of the team at the BEST Growth Hub. Keeping in touch with her formally and informally has been key to the success of the business. From objective and impartial advice in developing a business plan, to grant funding to realise the plan, the BEST Growth Hub also referred the Big Bear Cider Mill to the Manufacturing Growth Programme, which resulted in a major success in terms of retailing.

Abby says: “Working with the BEST Growth Hub opens a new community of extra support for your business – they are a partner for life”.



Vanessa Ambler of We Care 4 Air Ltd noted how accessible the team at the BEST Growth Hub is. Being supported through a period of rapid and significant growth meant that the company needed specialist support to manage the growth strategically and tactically - including access to grant funding.

Vanessa says: “I know that I can phone them up at any time and they will remember my business. They are really professional to deal with”.


Olusola Oke of Tune-up Seafoods Ltd participated in the Peer Networks Programme, which was designed to support businesses that were affected by the Global Pandemic and/or EU Transition. During the online sessions, cohort members discuss their business challenges in confidence and their peers offer practical advice. On this occasion, expert advice was given to Olusola regarding how to move the retail business online, whilst retaining profit margins. Additional benefits of her participation in Peer Networks included signposting to the LoCASE low carbon scheme as well as the completion of the Pivoting Assessment Test and diagnostic call with the Adaptation Advisor.

Olusola says: “The Peer Networks members have supported me to adapt to the new norm, after COVID-19”.


Nigel Richardson of Secret Hamper Ltd first engaged with the BEST Growth Hub in 2016 as a start-up. His business was supported via an innovation programme which included a number of hours of bespoke 1:1 mentoring. Since then, he has engaged with the BEST Growth Hub to achieve grant funding, he has participated in workshops and most recently the Peer Networks programme.

Nigel says: “Even if you’ve been in business a number of years, it’s always worth getting in touch. You might not know what help is available”.



Alex Holliman of Climbing Trees Ltd explains the support received via LoCASE, which enabled the company to develop environmentally friendly premises as well as the receipt of advice for staff retention, training and HR. SECCADS, provided bespoke 1:1 mentoring for PR, brand awareness and marketing, which included SWOT analysis. More recently, Alex has participated in the Peer Networks Programme. Climbing Trees is exhibiting at the BEST Growth Hub’s ExSE business festival and is sponsoring the NOVO Business Awards.

Alex says: “The help from the BEST Growth Hub has been invaluable – especially that it is free of charge”.



Will Docherty of Docherty Consulting Services Ltd discovered the BEST Growth Hub via the popular Big Business Briefing (check our website for future dates). As a result of his engagement, he was able to access the iConstruct programme which provided mentoring support for marketing as well as workshops held in conjunction Anglia Ruskin University for Cyber Security certification.

Will says: “The BEST Growth Hub has a good network of people and you are generally only one step away from all the information that you need”.



Trafalgar Lighting provides theatrical and performing arts' event support and production. The company specialises in the sale and hire of theatrical equipment and expertise, and also has an e-commerce site for professional makeup supplies. The company has benefited from the BEST Growth Hub’s support for grant funding, help with a SWOT analysis and participation in the Peer Networks Programme. As a result, business is starting to grow again and there may be an opportunity to create new job opportunities.

Paul says: "I’m confident about our future success. The BEST Growth Hub has really helped in a number of areas and we are starting to win new business again”.